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Insight with Lise and Nichole

Jun 5, 2020

Part of the story you will hear in the episode.


"There were lots of times when his energy levels would, would come and go, and he wouldn't have seen a pattern. I always would say to him, you're in the middle of it. So sometimes you Can't see you're just experiencing and reacting and responding and being and me a bit apart from it to look on it I could see patterns and some of the patterns were that he would cycle from like huge energy and tackling projects on weekends and then going in and knocking off 7-10 day stretches at work. And then and then that would cycle with times of I can't even put a shift in or I just have to sit here in the couch and recuperate from from nothing. I was starting to see that before the medical profession even got involved. So I'm starting to see some of those like cycles, okay, so to be to go from the family doctor level to an internist was a bit of a relief because I was I felt the validation of like, okay, a family doctor is also worried about my husband, this isn't just me being like something is up, something is up, something is up, the healthcare profession can kind of legitimize your concerns and that felt really good to go to the internist."