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Insight with Lise and Nichole

Jun 12, 2020

Diagnosis Discovery of a Rare Disease

For maybe the first time in the history of the Simms family, cancer has become a very good thing. They finally got a name for the mystery disease that they have been struggling with all this time. pheochromocytoma.


A pheochromocytoma (fee-o-kroe-moe-sy-TOE-muh) is a rare, tumor that develops in an adrenal gland. We have two adrenal glands —one located at the top of each kidney.Usually, a pheochromocytoma develops in only one adrenal glands. But tumors can develop in both.

The definition was taken from the website

This week on Sitting in with the Simms’ the Simms family shares their story of diagnosis discovery. 

The music in this epode is created by Grant Boyer Music.